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Adventure in Service

The Story of Rotary - its origin, growth, and influence.
Adventures in Service was first published in 1946. It continued to be updated and printed for many years.

  • Publication Year: 1976

AFS Janus - Fall 2013

Laurence V. and Thomas C. Benet and Thomas C. Benet, Two Generations and a Century of AFS Service

Further: Blaikie Forsyth Worth, Art Howe, Ward Chamberlin, George King III, Robert (Bob) Dodds.

  • Publication Year: 2013

AFS Janus - Fall 2015

David Annan: AFS Driver and World Traveler

Further: Inge Rauschning, Conrad Wilson, Frances Wilson, AFS Centennial Celebrations.

  • Publication Year: 2015

AFS Janus - Spring 2014

Bayard D. Clarkson: Taking on the Challenges of the Unknown

Further: Jane and Jill Dinwiddie, Suzanne Allen, Luca Parmitano, Red Roof.

  • Publication Year: 2014

AFS Janus - Summer 2013

Sachyie Kuwamoto, the Right Woman at the Right Time

Further: Karin Eisele, Robert Sawhill, Irving Kiesling, Norton S. Baskin, Alan Gilbert, Charles "Judd" Farley, Tamara Loring, Edward Dana and Francis Paton Kendall.

  • Publication Year: 2013