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A Rendezvous With Death

Our first day ashore, we were worried about the battle at El Alamein. We had been told, as we sailed up the Red Sea in the HMT [His Majesty's Transport] Aquitania with 7000 U.S. troops, that the Battle of El Alamein was in progress, and the German Army was threatening Cairo. The rumor was: "Our destination, Port Tufig, is in flames!" (Not true). We were not allowed out on deck without a tin hat, but these had not yet been issued to us. In this photo, Dick Stockton (facing the camera with a worried look) was a section leader. He was later killed in action. Charlie Pierce (behind the magazine) later became an officer of our C Platoon. John Barhydt is reading about the on-going Battle of El Alamein in The Egyptian Mail. We didn’t know then that this battle would be a victory for Montgomery’s Eighth Army and a turning point for the Allies. Location: El Tahag Mobilization Camp, Egypt.

A. Piatt Andrew in Alsace

A. Piatt Andrew standing with a woman and two children after they gave him flowers in St. Amarin, Alsace. There is an SSU 3 ambulance driver in the seat of the ambulance behind them.